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Giving back. Just because. 

We’ve always supported local community events and welcome the chance to provide prizes and giveaways to help fundraise for schools, sports teams and other community projects. Over 150 groups around Christchurch and further afield have lapped up the latte love.


Pink Ribbon Day

SachachequeEach October across all our stores you'll see our staff looking pretty in pink. It's a fun-filled day for all and also helps us to raise awareness (and money) for the programmes and initiatives of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

So far, we've raised thousands of dollars, and with the continued support from our loyal guests, we're looking forward to raising thousands more.




Kris 1

Sweaty riders are welcome in our stores and the clack, clack of cleats is a familiar sound. Every year we run our exclusive event Tour de Coffee Culture which involves cycling between our stores and collecting prizes and rewards along the way.







Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation 

BCK Foundation photo 1In 2010 we launched the Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation with two distinct aims. The first is to support young people in our communities to achieve their full potential. The CCCF makes scholarship grants of $500 available to teenagers every year to help them in pursuit of their goals. So far with your help, we have been able to help out 53 secondary school students!

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Poroporo for the Port Hills

poroporo2In 2017, between the months of May and August, our stores partnered with the Collect, Sow, and Grow Poroporo Project, which helped the community assist in naturally regenerating native forest following the February 2017 Port Hills Fire.

We played our part in the restoration through asking guests to recycle their takeaway cups so groups could grow seedlings in them. These seedlings would then be planted on the Port Hills which begins the process of re-establishing our native forest. 

We aimed to collect 40,000 biodegradable cups and with your help, we exceeded this target!