What we look for in our store partners:

We’re always keen to talk with people who share our love of great coffee.

Are you a entrepreneur? Someone who is excited to own your own business and also be part of an established community of owners. Running a Coffee Culture store is an exhilarating challenge. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss as well as get to try new ideas knowing you have the full support of a team with over 27 years experience.

Coffee Culture is on a mission. For us, making money is a small (but important!) part of what we do. The financial rewards are the result of following our precise systems to meet and exceed our exacting standards. We’re looking for people who are about so much more than just the money. 

Our stores are vital meeting places for people in our communities and every aspect of our “design and build, train and trade” set-up process for new franchisees focuses on delivering an amazing experience for guests and staff with every cup of coffee, every single time.

We’re looking for people who want to reap the rewards of their hard work, who love working with people, and who have the personal and professional tenacity to be positive role models for their teams in every aspect of our operations. Ideally, you’ll love coffee, have service industry experience, and have a management role or small business ownership on your CV.

Give our Chief Operations Officer Sacha Coburn (027 475 0390) a call to discuss opportunities.

Why Coffee Culture?

The Coffee Culture Magic

What makes a brand successful? How do you distil the elements of great fashion and design into a coherent set of rules? Coffee Culture works because the whole experience is much greater than the sum of the parts.

From upmarket design elements, to extensive lighting plans and freshly roasted coffee made by expertly trained baristas using the best equipment, the Coffee Culture magic begins as soon as you set foot inside a store. The friendly welcome from carefully recruited team members who remember your name and your favourite drink... the magic continues throughout your experience. But it's not left to chance.

Coffee Culture has developed an extensive training and operating system that ensures consistency through each store and each aspect of every guest’s experience.

People today expect so much more than just a cup of coffee. Our stores are all different and expertly designed to reflect the local community by the best architects, designers, and shop-fitters who ensure our stores are simply stunning and complement their surrounding environment.