Simone and Jeremy Palmer

“We both left corporate jobs to run our own businesses. Jeremy took on a pizza place and I loved the idea of running my own coffee shop and so I applied to Coffee Culture. The support and training provided have been absolutely top notch, and we love the opportunities we get to contribute to promotions and menu ideas. Our input is valued and we really feel part of a team within the wider group of owners. Jeremy sold the pizza shop and has joined me in the business. We’ve opened two stores from scratch and are now running a Coffee Culture that’s close to home giving us a great work/life balance. We haven’t looked back since we left the grind of 8-5 jobs. We love that our workplace is somewhere where others come to enjoy time out and catch up with friends. Providing excellent service to our guests is what we strive for and we love working with our own team instore to deliver a fantastic product with outstanding, friendly service.”

Kris and Chrissy Partridge

“Chrissy and I have worked together in the past, working for the local rec. centre. We’re both passionate about people and providing great service and really wanted the chance to have our hard work bring rewards for us. The opportunity to have our own Coffee Culture was scary at first. Chrissy, in particular, would worry about how it was going to affect the family but once we opened our store in Lincoln a lot of those concerns melted away. We were embraced by our local community and love that our store is a vibrant meeting place for so many locals. The team at Coffee Culture have worked alongside us and given us all the tools we needed to succeed."

We’ve now opened a second store, built a new home, and have carved out time to coach a few sports teams, be involved on the school Board of Trustees and be actively involved in our kids lives.  We love working and living in our community.”