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From your Fab Foodie!

Being creative is the best part of being the Coffee Culture Fab Foodie. Aside from being paid to eat cake, obviously!!

Each week I develop items for our menus and cabinets in my test kitchen at the head office then go to our production bakery and spend time with the talented chefs and bakers there fine-tuning them.

This month I’m working on a few sweet treats in the cabinet, a couple of new Danish pastries for the bakery section, and a keto pie which is a delicious cheesy pumpkin and thyme number. Watch out for them in a store near you soon.

I always like to roll up my sleeves in the bakery, help out the team, and get stuck in making bread or sweet treats for delivery fresh each day to our Coffee Culture stores.

My back story is that of being a chef for 20 odd years all over the world and then for nearly ten years running a very busy wholesale bakery.

When I’m not creating food, eating food, or posting about food, I can be found biking, in my garden, or on my wee farm with my animals.


A few goodies in the works: 

 muffins3 Ginger Kisses3 bread3 Bagel3