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PNG workers squareIf you love our House Roast then it’s highly likely that you love coffee from Papua New Guinea too.

PNG coffee has been an integral part of our blend since Coffee Culture started, and is regarded for its berry fruit and dark chocolate flavour notes. Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing coffee produced in one of Papua New Guinea’s lesser known but equally outstanding growing areas. Chimbu.

Chimbu is a province in the mountainous East of PNG, and is the third largest growing area in country. Coffee from this region is grown by the locals as a way to make extra income, and their returns are largely based on how much they can fetch at market. This is where the seller comes into the equation.

Kongo Coffee, based in the provincial capital of Kundiawa, is the area’s seller and is responsible for bringing the people’s coffee to market.

Kongo’s commitment to the area and the people is evident through their ongoing investment in processing facilities and training to ensure that the local growers are aware of the standard required to get a better return from their crops.

The result of this ongoing commitment to quality is a balanced, full-bodied coffee with warming gingerbread spice notes and a rich cacao finish.

We’re delighted to showcase coffee from a country that’s been with us since day one, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as an espresso, in a plunger at home or as a refreshing cold brew as the summer months roll in.