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How ‘green’ is our scene?
Blog / How ‘green’ is our scene?

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Taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility!


Over the past few years we’ve overhauled a bunch of our business practises to make sure we’re doing all we can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here’s a list of the efforts we’re making:

  • All stores have recycling bins and all stores that can have organic bins to collect our green waste.
  • Our milk bottles are collected by Anchor every day and recycled.
  • Newspapers are either recycled or used instore for cleaning and mucky jobs.
  • We donate our old but fabulous magazines to many different organisations including hospitals and elderly care centres.
  • Coffee sacks can be picked up from our Roastery by our guests and reused. So far we’ve seen them used for growing potatoes in small spaces, weed matting, and art projects. They’ve been turned into cushion covers, made into dog beds, and used to store potatoes.
  • In our warehouse all the pallets are collected and reused, and the boxes that goods arrive are repurposed for delivery boxes and used over and over and over again!
  • All our takeaway packaging is made from plants not plastic and is commercially compostable.  We’re working on a real end of life solution so they can be composted in Christchurch.
  • Our takeaway cups gets re-used wherever we can put them to good use. After the Port Hills fire thousands and thousands were used in the Poroporo planting project and the Tuhaitara Coastal Park used heaps too.
  • Wherever we can we use seasonal and local ingredients to reduce the food miles for our menu.
  • All stores have re-usable cups available to buy in a range of colours and prices. The new Frank Green range is getting rave reviews!

It’s a journey right? We’ll keep looking for ways to minimise our impact on the earth – your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

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