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Local, loyal & loving it - It's what we're all about at Coffee Culture, and we are so lucky to have people who share the same values join us on our journey.

LCN 1Nearly 15 years ago, the Partridge family joined our Coffee Culture family. Already well known Lincoln locals and active members in the community, Kris & Chrissy Partridge opened Coffee Culture Lincoln with two young kids. And what a 14 & half years it's been. When it comes to passion for their staff & community, these guys come second to none, and we know they have had an absolute pleasure serving you over this time.
It has been incredible to watch this family grow over the past 15 years - There are many tales of kids who started out drinking fluffies in the store becoming part of the team. Holly, that young kiddo pictured cutting the opening ribbon, now runs Coffee Culture Rolleston!

Kris & Chrissy have decided to pass the reins of Coffee Culture Lincoln onto a new family. But you haven't seen the back of them! They'll continue as owners of Coffee Culture Rolleston and take on the new challenge of opening our next store, Coffee Culture Northlink!  They've even dragged another family member into the Coffee Culture family with them.  We know they have left big shoes to fill, and we're confident we've found the right people for the task!

JaegersWe're thrilled to welcome Stephen, Debbie & family as the new owners of Coffee Culture Lincoln. Stephen has been on the Coffee Culture scene for over 15 years, working across multiple stores and has been an integral member of the Coffee Culture Addington team since opening - it's fair to say he knows his stuff.
Debbie has a connection with the Lincoln Community since attending Lincoln University back in the day, so it was only natural for them to take the helm in this incredible community.

They're excited to get stuck in and meet you. If you're in the area, drop in and say hi to the newest members of the  Coffee Culture family.