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Powered by plants… and caffeine
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Milks made from plants, nuts and legumes are on the rise. 

Milk ProductsOn the shelves of every supermarket and dairy you can now find a range of milks made from soy, almond, coconut, oat and rice. How things have changed from the days when my family used to make our own soy milk from scratch at home, the taste has improved a lot too!

In the last two years we’ve seen the number of coffees and drinks made with plant milk alternatives in our stores grow by 38%. The dairy alternative market is set to reach 35.06 billion USD by 2024. Two things are clear… the demand of dairy alternatives is growing and secondly that not all plant milks are created equal; especially when paired with espresso.

We’ve worked hard to match our espresso with the best plant milks around and we’re excited to bring you Bonsoy soy milk and MilkLabs Almond and Coconut ranges. If you’re using plant based milks now, you’ll be familiar with the curdling effect often visible which is caused by the protein partials in the soy not combining with the acids and oils in espresso. Bonsoy is especially formulated so that it doesn’t curdle and split. It’s well known for it’s superior natural taste, silky texture and stretching ability. We’re proud to offer Milklab, whose Almond and Coconut milks are divine. Bonsoy and Milklab milks are available to switch for traditional milks in all of our stores. If you love it as much as I do you can purchase some to take some at your local store or via our online store. 

Milk Pour ReadyThey are products we are really proud of and we trust that you will love as much as we do.

On a cold winters day nothing warms you better than a coconut milk hot chocolate.