Should I Drink Coffee Before I Sports?
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Sportsing & Coffee

Duh! How is that even a question? You can drink coffee before any activity, and it’s especially good to drink before sportsing. You’ll run faster, (sometimes to the loo), and be more co-ordinated because you’ll be more awake. 

RichieCupEvery athlete in the history of the whole entire world is better at being sporty when they are awake compared to when they asleep. Richie McCaw used to play rugby when he was awake and look at this photo of him with a cup of coffee.


Serena Williams is very good at sportsing. She knew how to turn around a match after losing the first set 6-0. In tennis they call that a bagel. No Serena, it is not. It is never illegal to order an espresso. It is in fact recommended. Especially with a bagel.

If you’re thinking my analysis of coffee’s performance enhancing effects is a little light on science, try this on for size:

Science from Nestle, illycaffe and Lavazza. Very sportsing of us to point out the potential bias. And if you just need a great cup of coffee while you follow all the non-sport on at the moment - we can help. Click here to find out how.