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The Coffee Shops of Popular Coffee
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World Famous Coffee Settings



Al’s Diner, Central Perk, Monk’s Café.  Ringing any bells? What about the Peach Pit? Coffee shops are so often the anchor settings for many of our favourite television shows. Why? 

  1. Familiarity – we all know how they work. You come in, you grab a coffee, you chat, you leave.
  2. Dynamics – people are always coming and going, there’s a natural movement and buzz about a place where all sorts of people meet for a break.
  3. Cameos – hospo staff give great cameos. The knowing looks, the overheard conversations, the eyerolls, the overbearing boss, the clutzy waitress, the cute new barista…the possibilities are endless for bringing in new characters to interact with the stars we know and love.
  4. Open all hours – where else could you realistically have your characters meet at all hours from early to late. Not even The Rovers opens before Roy and Hayley’s café!
  5. Drama – the make-ups, the break-ups, the disagreements and the divas. We’ve seen it all in our favourite fictional hangouts.  Just like in real life.



If I had to pick a favourite? It wouldn’t be television. It would be Tiffany’s. Staring longingly through the window as she has her ‘the morning after the night before’ coffee, Holly Golightly juggles her pastry, her handbag, and her coffee. You can almost taste the first sip. Mmmmm.