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Why I Love Coffee
Blog / Why I Love Coffee

For the love of coffee. 

We all know the difference that first cup of beautiful espresso bigstock business people statistics a 85018064 1 1024x669coffee can make in the morning. We know the power of caffeine! Funnily enough, in Turkey during the 14th century Turkish law allowed women to divorce their husbands if they couldn’t provide a daily quota of coffee! Fair enough I say. It’s not the boost in mood and metabolism that I love most about coffee. It’s the connections that coffee creates, the environment for relationships of all types to start and flourish.

For centuries coffee shops have been meeting places for great thinkers, dreamers and schemers. They’ve been used for commerce, lunacy trials, science (famous dissections have taken place in coffee houses) and all sorts of criminal activity. 

I’ve been with Coffee Culture for 9 years now and have built relationships with other coffee lovers, our only reason to meet being that every day at the same time, we’re in the same place! photodune 11204604 group of friends in caf using digital devices s1 1

I’ve seen proposals, watched as babies graduate from a fluffy to their first hot chocolate, and noticed friendships develop and business relationships grow.  All of this taking place over a cup of coffee within our stores. We take great care to create spaces that encourage connection, opportunities for an old fashioned version of Facetime.

In this digital age it’s even more important to spend time connecting face to face. I encourage you to make a time this week to reach out to an old friend, a family member or neighbour you haven’t seen in the flesh for a while, take the time, enjoy the coffee and strengthen those connections.