Market Place Progress
Kindeng - Papua New Guinea

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Kindeng is a small community tucked away in the remote Western Highlands province in Papua New Guinea. It's home to some of the best coffee in the world and one of the go to beans we use in our famous House Roast.  One of the goals of the Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation was to find a meaningful way to help the people who supply our beans, and after lots of discussion with the locals, it was decided that the building of a trading facility was a much needed and wanted solution.

Trade is a big part of the community and for years the market place existed as a collection of tarpaulin shelters. Poor weather made trade a near impossibility so it came as no surprise that the locals were all for a better option.

Early on in the project our team on the ground, SMS established contact with local landowners and community representatives to ensure local support for the project. This is a very important step that was essential in a country where landownership and tribal claims over land is a common denominator in many land disputes. By engaging the local community from the early stages of the of the project we have gained fantastic support and a sense of ownership

After getting around the challenges involved with building in such a remote location, horrendous road conditions and the logistical challenges we’re thrilled to see that the facility is now complete.

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Local farmers and especially local mothers have expressed their appreciation of this project and are proud that they now have access to this first of its kind facility constructed through what they call ‘our community growing your coffee’. They have expressed that coffee can give back to their community in more ways than the purchase of their coffee crops and see this market place provided by Coffee Culture as a great example. 

The news of this community market built by coffee is going around fast in surrounding communities and has become the pride of the Kindeng community. Although it’s early days since the completion of the market place there has already been a big positive impact.

Thank you for your ongoing support and donations that allow us to lend a hand to communities both here and abroad!