When does the Culturecard discount change?

Tuesday, June 15th 2021


What benefits will I get from using the new Culturecard programme? 

You’ll get a 10% discount on all hot beverages, all the time, and specials and promotions like free coffees, discounts on new food and limited edition drinks.


What happens to my Culturecard balance? 

Your balance stays on your Culturecard until you use it. Nothing changes here! 


Do I have to pre-load the card?

You don’t, but you can! Whether you pay using the Culturecard or not, you will still get the benefits if you scan your card.


Can I use the remaining balance on my card? 

Yes, you can. If you don’t have enough credit, you can use EFTPOS or cash to pay the rest of the transaction. 


Can I use the same physical card? 

Yes. You can also store your Culturecard in a loyalty app on your phone and use that too.


Why is the Culturecard discount changing?

A 10% discount helps us offset some of the pressures we’re facing in our industry due to the global pandemic and other costs. It also gives us the flexibility to reward your loyalty in different ways. 


What information is required to sign up for a Culturecard? 

We need your full name, email address, contact number and birth date. 


Will the current benefit of not paying surcharge on public holidays still apply? 

Yes. You will continue to not pay a surcharge on public holidays when using a Culturecard.