Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start?

The Tour kicks off on the 1st February 2021.

  • Does it cost anything?

This year we are asking for a $5 entry fee to raise funds for the projects of the Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation. To find out more about the Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation, click HERE

  • When does the Tour finish?

You’ve got until the 5th of April to complete as many stores as you can. This gives you Easter weekend! Tour cards need to be handed in and tour dollars need to be redeemed by 5th of April. 

  • How many stores do I have to ride to?

You can ride to as little as one or as many as all 16. We have lots of levels to cater to all fitness levels. Even if you only ride to one store, if you register online and hand in your Tour Card before the 5th of April, you’ll be in the draw to win thousands of dollars’ worth of spot prizes. Each store you ride to gets you 1 tour dollar. 

  • Where do I pick up a Tour card from?

Tour cards can be picked up at any of our stores. 

  • What happens when I visit a store?

Once you’ve ridden to a store, hand your Tour card over to a staff member at the counter. They’ll sign off your visit by stamping your Tour card. They’ll also give you a Tour dollar which you can use to pay for coffee or food in-store.

  • Do I have to purchase anything to get my card stamped?

No! You don’t have to purchase anything in-store to get your card stamped and collect your Tour dollar.

  • How do I get a Tour t-shirt / cycling Jersey?

Riders who visit all 16 stores by the end of the tour are rewarded with a special limited edition Tour t-shirt – FOR FREE! Those riders who complete the entire tour in one day will earn a limited edition cycling jersey from Champion Systems. 

Once you've completed all 16 stores, hand in your Tour Card at any Coffee Culture store. In return, you will receive a tour code card. This card had a unique promo card that can be used to order your tee /jersey through our online shop! 

  • When will I receive my t-shirt / cycling jersey?

We will get it to you as soon as we can! If we have stock of your size & style, it will be sent out straight away. If we need o order one for you, this could take 8 weeks. 

  • How do Tour dollars work?

Every time you ride into a store and get your Tour card stamped you’ll receive one Tour dollar. A Tour dollar takes one dollar off your final bill.

Tour dollars CANNOT be loaded on to a Culturecard or gift card,

No change is given on a Tour dollar,  

Tour dollars can only be used until April 5th, 2021. 


  • Can I ride to a store more than once to collect Tour dollars?

You can only collect a Tour dollar once at each store. Once you’ve got your Tour card stamped at a store you can’t ride back to the same store to collect another Tour dollar. Yes we are well aware there are ways you can cheat the system – but don’t ruin it for others. 

  • What if I lose my Tour dollars?

You should treat your Tour dollars like cash. We are unable to replace your Tour dollars if they get lost.

  • How do I win spot prizes?

There are a number of ways to win spot prizes throughout the tour.

• Register Online! (all you have to do is fill in the form and you’re in the draw)

• Keep an eye on our FB page. (they’ll be lots of competitions and ways to win - including entries to Le Race!) 

• Hand in your Tour card (whether you got one stamp or 16, handing in your tour card before the 5th of April will get you in the draw to win some sweet prizes)

  •  What happens if I lose my card?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace stamps if you lose your card. You’ll need to start again. Make sure you keep your Tour card in a safe place so the dog can’t eat it or it won’t get thrown away by someone else.

  • Can I buy a Tour t-shirt or jersey?

All 2021 tour gear is available for purchase from our online shop . 

  • How do I know what t-shirt / cycling jersey size I am? 

There are measurements and sizing charts for both the Tough Nut T-Shirts and the Pro Elite Cycling Jerseys on our website. We encourage you to take accurate measurements if you're not sure rather than guessing to get the best fit. These cannot be exchanged. 

  • What happens if I arrive at a store that isn't open? 

The Durham St and Airport stores may not be open when you are completing the tour. To ensure you are able to complete your Tour card, we have put a secret code-word poster at the door. Remember this word and when you arrive at your next store, let them know you have just visited either Durham St or Airport and what the code word is.  They will then stamp and date your card, as well as give you 1 Tour dollar for their store and 1 Tour dollar for the store you just visited (2 x Tour dollars total).


If you've got any other questions about this year's tour please email