The Tour de Coffee Culture is now on in Timaru, Hamilton & Dunedin. 


Our stores outside of Canterbury run the Tour de Coffee Culture slightly different - but they'll still just as fun, and just as challenging, and still plenty of ways to get your hands on some sweet prizes. 

We've each selected 15 Tour Spots in their region for riders to cycle to. All you need to do is, ride to as many or as little Tour Spots on the Tour Card and take a Selfie of you in that spot, go show a staff member in store your 'Tour Spot Selfie' and you can get that location ticked off your Tour. 

For every tour spot you get a selfie at - your earn yourself one tour dollar to spend in store! 



We’re keen to support you through health and fitness and encourage you to take part regardless of your ability by providing three levels to choose from:


Recreational Rider:

Visit one or more of our tour spots before the Tour ends. Every tour spot you visit earns you a tour dollar and puts you in the draw to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. 


Tough Nut:

Goal: To ride to all tour spots by the time the Tour finishes. You'll earn stamps & dollars along the way which you can redeem for some sweet prizes!  


Pro Elite:

Does cycling really spin your wheels? Are you made of the real tough stuff? If so, then the Pro Elite level is for you!  Goal: Ride to all tour spots in ONE day. You'll earn stamps and tour dollars along the way which you can redeem for some sweet prizes. 


Fast & Furious! Pro Elite Pace Challenge

Think you're the quickest in your region, have the need for speed, or just want the added element of a time challenge? - make sure you enter into the Pro Elite Pace Challenge. Start at Coffee Culture and get a staff member to sign off your start time. Ride back to Coffee Culture once you've got photos at all tour spots and get a finish time signed off to be in the draw to win prizes in this category! There will be an online leader board so you'll be able to see where you sit in the bunch.

Timaru Tour Spots

1. Coffee Culture Timaru

2. Whale Bone Corner

3. Water Tower

4. Bird Aviary At The Bay

5. Scenic Reserve Pond

6. Phar Lap White Horse

7. The Lighthouse

8. Pleasant Point Railway Station 

9. Botanic Gardens

10. Timaru Airport

11. Gleniti Golf Course

12. Claremont Castle 

13. Richard Pearse Memorial 

14. Temuka Saleyard 

15. Roncalli College 


Hamilton Tour Spots  

1. Coffee Culture Five Cross Roads

2. Hamilton Gardens

3. Victoria on the River

4. Hamilton Zoo

5. Fairfield Bridge

6. Perry Cycle Bridge, Horotiu

7. Hakarimata Scenic Reserve

8. Avantidrome

9. University of Waikato

10. Minogue Park

11. Mangaiti Gully

12. Western Rail Trail

13. Braithwaite Park

14. Swarbricks Landing

15. Hamilton Airport


Dunedin Tour Spots 

1. Coffee Culture Roslyn 

2. Ed Sheeran Mural

3.Lookout Point Fire Station

4. Signal Hill Lookout

5. Baldwin Street

6. Otago University

7. The Esplanade

8. The Octagon

9. Lanarch Castle

10. Speight's Ale House

11. Botanic Garden

12. Ross Creek

13. Railway Station 

14. Otago Settlers Museum

15.  Rotary Park Lookout



If you've got any questions please email