What’s New?
Cake of the month
Gingerbread & Salted Caramel Cake. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - so December's Cake of the Month is a little bit festive and a whole lot of yum! Nothing screams Christmas quite like Gingerbread and Tinsel, so this months cake has layers of moist spiced gingerbread cake, with a salted caramel cream cheese frosting and finished with a gooey gingerbread glaze, white chocolate and sparkles! 

*Subject to availability. 

A real 'hit' in the garden

Safe to say that you're probably here thanks to your love (or obsession...we won't tell) with all things coffee. Not only does it work miracles on doing humany things, but coffee is also a bit of a star in the garden too...check out some of the clever ways to use your grinds in the garden.


Grab your Flavours of Summer drinks in store now! 


Health-Nut Smoothie 

A superfood smoothie made with ingredients to revitalize and replenish the body. A great way to kick start your day or when your body is needing a bit of a reload.  Made with Pic's Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Honey, Cinnamon and Banana. 


Hershey's Coconut Rough Iced Chocolate 

The creamy and decadent combination of Coconut and Chocolate! Made with only the best Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce, this one is bound to get those taste buds going. 


Sparkling Feijoa & Lime Iced Tea 

As the temperature starts to rise this is the perfect summer drink to cool you down. A light and refreshing combination of NZ Feijoas, Lime Juice and Tea Infusion. 


Jam Doughnut Monster Shake 

A massive monster of a shake! Delicious, gooey sweetness! A raspberry doughnut milkshake topped with a cinnamon doughnut.
Oozing with raspberry jam and covered in cinnamon sugar.


Find us on UberEATS

UberEATS has launched in Christchurch and we're on board. You are now able to get your caffeine hit and favourite Coffee Culture treats delivered directly to your door! 

To get $10 off your first UberEATS order use the code 'NZEATS10' 

Pink Ribbon Day 2017

Each year, Coffee Culture partners with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer awareness month and Pink Ribbon Day. During October, all of our staff doll up in their best pink outfits to raise awareness and funds for this important cause. This year has been no exception, and it's been more successful than ever! Together we raised over $8000! 

We want to say a special "Thank You!" to all our guests who supported the cause by grabbing a caffeine hit on Pink Ribbon Day! 

New Soda Flavours

Things are starting to heat up and we've got a great new range sparkling soda flavours to cool you down. 

We've got five new crisp and refreshing flavours for you: 

Lemon, Lime & Bitters  

Ginger Beer

Citrus, Cucumber & Mint 

Rhubarb & Redcurrant 

Apple & Elderflower 




Bagel Makeover

Bagels are back baby! We’re revamped our bagel menu bringing you more protein, more choice and more popular international and local flavour combos. From New York, New York to Plantiful creations there’s something for everyone. 

Check out our New Bagel Menu here! 

New Milk from MILKLAB

We are excited to announce our new plant-based milks from MILKLAB! We will be using their coconut, soy, and almond milks, all of which have been specifically designed, for baristas, by baristas, to create your perfect coffees. Since its launch, MILKLAB has been recognised with awards and nominations at the Melbourne International Coffee Festival for their unique products which won’t split or curdle with any coffee. 

As the MILKLAB team say: “Best Coffee Deserves a Better Milk” and this exciting new colLABoration will ensure that our stores will continue to provide the high-quality coffee you’ve come to know and love. So pop into your local Coffee Culture to try them out today!