What’s New?
Tour de Coffee Culture

The 11th edition of the Tour de Coffee Culture is underway and is your chance to get out on your bike, check out our stores (or tour spots), and do your bit to help us help the people who grow our coffee. 

For everything you need to know about the TDCC and to get started click here.


Cake of the Month

Snickers Cake

A rich chocolate mudcake sandwiched with a peanut butter & caramel whipped coconut cream. Drizzled in more coconut caramel sauce just for good measure. Pssst... this one is vegan too!

*Subject to availability


Hit Single

Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi

Our latest single origin from Ethiopia is proof that Keeping It Simple makes for Stupid good coffee.

Soil, slope, sun with a little bit of help from a collective of dedicated farmers has delivered a unique and delicious naturally processed coffee with vibrant aromatics, juicy stonefruit flavours, and zingy lime sherbet acidity.

Hot or cold-brewed, with milk or on its own, Sidamo Ardi proves that even the oldest coffees can still pull a few new flavour tricks.

Available for a limited time.

Exciting Business Opportunity

Canterbury, South Canterbury and Otago 

We have excellent opportunities right now for motivated,hard-working coffee lovers to buy into the South Island’s leading group of boutique coffee shops.
There are new stores available as well as existing stores that already show healthy turnover and attractive bottom line returns.
If you are ready to own your own business, build a significant asset and join a family of owners dedicated to serving their local communities, get in touch!