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Premium marine collagen

Add a collagen boost

Collagen is a simple and effective way to give your wellbeing a boost. Add a scoop to your favourite hot or cold drink and you'll feel and see the difference. Stronger nails and hair, improved skin tone and joint support.  It even aids digestion - collagen truly delivers inside and out!

Marine collagen is first choice for its high absorption rate and bioavailability, and you can now add it to your latte, tea, smoothie or glass for water for only $2.




Our latest range of Winter Warmers are here and are sure to bring some yay to all this winter grey.  If you're craving caffeine, after a non-dairy delight or looking for something flavoursome and fun, then we've got you covered. Spiced Vanilla and Almond Steamer combines spicy gingerbread, vanilla and steamed almond milk and is topped with coconut whip and coconut sugar - cozy and comforting, without the coffee kick.

Oat milk is fast becoming the plant milk of choice for many, and our Creamy Oat Milk Mocha is a perfect pick-me-up to power you through these extra chilly days. A double shot of our famous espresso laced with Hershey's chocolate and a rich chocolate/oat milk blend. Topped with coconut whip and Hershey's sauce - this truly is dairy-free decadence.

To add a bit of whimsy to winter, our Jelly Tip Hot chocolate. White hot chocolate, laced with Hershey's chocolate and a shot of raspberry. Topped with whipped cream, raspberry sprinkles and a healthy dose of wobbly raspberry jelly - this one is a hit with kids and big kids alike.



Zesty Lemon Lamington cake

Bringing a little bit of sunshine to winter! Layers of light lemon cloud sponge filled with layers of rich coconut buttercream. Topped with toasted coconut and a bright and zesty lemon curd drizzle. Joy!

*Subject to availability