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What’s New?
Exciting Business Opportunity!
Canterbury, South Canterbury and Otago 

We have excellent opportunities right now for motivated,hard-working coffee lovers to buy into the South Island’s leading group of boutique coffee shops.
There are new stores available as well as existing stores that already show healthy turnover and attractive bottom line returns.
If you are ready to own your own business, build a significant asset and join a family of owners dedicated to serving their local communities, get in touch! 


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Cake of the Month
Chocolate and Gooey Caramel Lamington Cake

So much decadence in every slice. Layers of light chocolate & coconut sponge cake sandwiched with a caramel creamy filling and plenty of gooey caramel and chocolate sauces. Topped with caramel and chocolate curls. P.S - It's gluten free too!

*Subject to availability

Milk from Milklab

We are excited to announce our new plant-based milks from MILKLAB! We will be using their coconut and almond milks, both of which have been specifically designed, for baristas, by baristas, to create your perfect coffees. Since its launch, MILKLAB has been recognised with awards and nominations at the Melbourne International Coffee Festival for their unique products which won’t split or curdle with any coffee. 

As the MILKLAB team say: “Best Coffee Deserves a Better Milk” and this exciting new colLABoration will ensure that our stores will continue to provide the high-quality coffee you’ve come to know and love. So pop into your local Coffee Culture to try them out today or order some for yourself at home here

Hit Single

The new wave of coffee coming out of Brazil is quickly gaining in popularity with connoisseurs for its ripe, fruity flavours and aromas.

The grower of Rose Diamond has drawn on all his previous experience in grape growing and wine making to create an elegant chocolatey coffee with ripe berry and raisin notes.

Available for a limited time.