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What’s New?

With more and more people focused on health and the environment, plant milk is growing (no pun intended) from strength to strength.

Minor Figures oat milk is an industry leader that not only tastes great but is super sustainable to produce too. If you haven't tried it before, now's your chance!

Opt for oat in your drink until December 15th and we'll  add it for no additional charge. 


Again Again

Coffee Culture is delighted to be taking the lead against waste in Canterbury thanks to our partnership with kiwi company Again Again.

When you lend an Again Again cup, you’ll still get all the convenience of paper cups, without contributing to the 295 million cups that go into the ground in New Zealand every year. Win!

There’s an upfront cost to hire your first Again Again cup, but the next time you’re in you can either swap your cup free of charge or return your cup for a full refund. Zero impact to your wallet and the planet.

To find out more, check out the Again Again website.

New Bagels

There's nothing quite like a bagel to hit the spot and we're sure there'll be something to delight you from our handmade and wholly delicious new bagel menu.

We've kept your faves such as the Salmon Deluxe and Sunrise, brought back the ever popular Avocado Bruschetta and even introduced a couple of magical meatless options to the mix too!Available throughout all our stores now.  
Cake of the Month

Christmas is sometimes so full of choices that it's hard to pick the perfect cake of the month, so for the first time we've got two for you to try this December .

Peppermint Grinch Torte 

Celebrate the holiday season with this darkly decadent Grinch inspired holiday treat. Layers of dark chocolate mudcake and peppermint buttercream make the perfect after dinner mint treat or mid-afternoon snack. In-fact…. Cake for breakfast anyone? It is the silly season after all.


Eggnog & Spiced Rum Cake

Festive, creamy & delightful. A light & fluffy sophisticated sponge cake layered with an eggnog custard cream. It’s flavoured with rum, lots of warming Christmas spices & white chocolate.

*Subject to availability

Hit Single
Papua New Guinea- Kongo

Kongo Coffee has been a cornerstone of the Chimbu region for over 20 years and is responsible for bringing coffee from the local growers to the international market.
Through ongoing investment in equipment and training, Kongo are doing their part to make sure that their growers are consistently delivering the highest quality coffee as well as getting maximum return for their hard work.

The result is a full-bodied coffee with distinctive gingerbread spice and cacao notes that delivers deliciousness however you have it.

Available for a limited time.

Exciting Business Opportunity
Canterbury, South Canterbury and Otago 

We have excellent opportunities right now for motivated,hard-working coffee lovers to buy into the South Island’s leading group of boutique coffee shops.
There are new stores available as well as existing stores that already show healthy turnover and attractive bottom line returns.
If you are ready to own your own business, build a significant asset and join a family of owners dedicated to serving their local communities, get in touch!