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Local Heroes 2018/19

estherWinter Warm Kids Project

Esther Chung

Esther is passionate about the welfare of people in her community and has been volunteering and providing care and support for those less fortunate over the past 10 years. Esther is using her scholarship to help provide clothing to homeless youth this Christchurch winter.





Hi-Vis vests for the Cashmere High School Volunteer Army

Sophie Hartshaw

The Cashmere Volunteer Army (CVA) is a 100 strong group who actively participate in a range of activities to support the City Council. Sophie has used her scholarship to purchase hi-vis vests for the group to improve safety for volunteers while they are at work.  



hfhLittle Book of Smiles project for mental health

Hope for Happiness

As part of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, the Hope for Happiness are tackling the subject of mental health in youth through their 'Little Book of Smiles'. The scholarship will go toward the cost of publishing this book and give a support tool to those in need.




sarahSpoonful of Spice recipe book supporting new migrants

Sarah Lawrence

As part of their entry into this year's Young Enterprise Scheme, Sarah and 3 other students are creating a book that will not only share a range of delicious recipes from around the planet but will also highlight the rich and diverse cultures of the people that have contributed to the book. The scholarship will be going toward the publishing costs of this book.  



samFloorball equipment

Sam King 

Sam is involved in Floorball which is a fast paced indoor sport similar to indoor hockey. Equipment for younger players is mostly borrowed, so Sam is using his scholarship toward appropriately sized gear for them. 





BMX track upgrades

Nic Daniels

Nic is a talented BMX rider, who is contributes to his sport both on and off the track. Nic is using his scholarship toward bringing the North Canterbury BMX track up to a national standard so that himself and other riders can continue their development. 




nicoleThe All Stars Kids Club

Nicole Scott

The All Star Kids Club is a non-profit holiday programme for disabled children. Nicole has been a volunteer in this programme for the past 3 years and is using her scholarship to financially support current and future children to be able to continue their participation in the programme.





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