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During the early days of Coffee Culture, it was no surprise to see our little Sumner store full of loyal fans who'd made the trek from all corners of Christchurch city (and beyond) to take in our fabulous freshly roasted coffee. Turns out they also loved our delicious range of simple snacks and tasty treats.

Years later and we're still offering a great range of fresh food, light lunches, scrumptious sweets and the familiar favourites such as bagels, muffins and cookies.

We're constantly tweaking new and old recipes and developing delicious new products to add to our range. Seasonal salads and desserts, pies, pastries and other sweet and savoury treats are all available from our cabinet, they're all good to go if you're in a rush, and we've got gluten free, dairy free, egg free and vegan options for those who need it too.


We want to provide you with the freshest possible product everyday, this means sometimes we do run out of some items throughout the day.

If you've got a favourite, the best way to make sure it's in stock is to give the store you plan to visit a call - just to double check. We would hate to disappoint you!